271. 167.


Last school year, An Open Book Foundation offered two hundred and seventy-one presentations to local students.  That’s 271 times an author or illustrator stood in front of a classroom and shared their personal story and work.  Two hundred and seventy one times AOB provided a book for each student in the room, and 271 times we handed a stack of books to their classroom educators and school librarian.


Last school year, An Open Book Foundation organized one hundred and sixty-seven separate author and illustrator events.  Some creators make one presentation, and some make two or three.  Every single author or illustrator volunteered their time and energy and talent to make each event happen.  It’s a terrific reflection on the generosity of the children’s literature community that AOB had the opportunity to share so many personal interactions and, thus, diverse and high-quality books with local students.

As preparations get underway for the 2018-19 school year, we’d like to express our profound gratitude to the authors and illustrators who volunteer for AOB, and our appreciation to the publishers and publicists who help ensure their availability.  If you are — or know of — an author or illustrator interested in visiting a local classroom with AOB this school year, please let us know!