Duncan Tonatiuh at Bancroft Elementary School

Mexican author/illustrator Duncan Tonatiuh did two amazing assemblies in Spanish and English including interactive readings of his books Dear Primo and Pancho Rabbit and the Coyote. The bi-lingual kindergartners and first graders were thrilled to learn about Duncan’s work and were especially excited to watch him draw. And in one of the most unique Open Book moments, Duncan did head stands for the kids! Following each lively presentation, the students received brand new books. The kindergarteners were happy to receive “Dear Primo” which they plan to share with their families and the first graders couldn’t wait to start reading their signed editions of “Panco Rabbit and the Coyote”. Muchu Gracias to this talented young author/illustrator for traveling from his home in Mexico share this work and his warm spirit with a very appreciative group of bi-lingual students. 


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