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For Teachers, Librarians & Schools

An Open Book Foundation (AOB) brings children’s and teens’ authors into your school. We give each student who attends the event a copy of the author’s book to take home, a copy of the book to each classroom, and a set of the author’s books to the school library. This fabulous experience opens up the world of reading to your students. They can’t wait to open their new books.

Here’s what one teacher said about an AOB event:

Thank you so much for breathing life into my reading and writing classroom. My students are filling up their journals with stories. Jayla is still writing… On Friday, students were talking about chapters in their book to each other and comparing notes about who stayed up to read all night. The fifth grade teacher simply said, Wow! Her students are also still talking about their experience and they were able to teach their classmates about point of view. This program is amazing and my students will remember it and you for many years to come. I cannot express my gratitude enough for the joy and excitement you brought to our classroom.

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Click here for a list of our participating schools.

For Authors & Illustrators

An Open Book Foundation (AOB) works with authors and illustrators to tailor events to their strengths and preferences. Events typically include readings and Q&A, and some also feature writing and art workshops, or other interactive elements. AOB authors and illustrators generously volunteer their time. Those who have participated in our program described their experience as one of the best they have had.

Author Jarrett Krosoczka said:

The applause from the kids upon learning they’d each get a signed book is the best applause I’ve ever had in my life. Thanks for the great work!

Click here for a list of our participating authors and illustrators.

For Publishers

An Open Book Foundation (AOB) works with publishers to bring their authors to under-resourced schools in the DC metro area and then gives each child a signed book to take home. We also give copies of the authors’ books to each classroom and a set of the authors’ books to the school library. Publishers and their authors often add an AOB event onto a DC tour so that the publisher incurs very little added expense. In addition to increased author visibility, AOB book purchases lead to increased sales. However, publisher donations are always welcome.

Erika Denn from Candlewick Press said:

What wonderful photos [of Tanya Lee Stone at Center City Public Charter School]! Thanks so much, Dara. Our authors just love doing events with An Open Book!

Interested in working with An Open Book?

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