Our school year began with surpresas!

DC Bilingual’s first and second graders watched in awe, then squealed with delight as Yuyi Morales pulled traditional Mexican toys and games from her large red velvet bolsa de surpresas (bag of surprises) and demonstrated—with varied results—how to play.  A parent volunteer later thanked Yuyi for showing the children that immigrants enrich our country with their unique gifts.  The award-winning author/illustrator shared her most recent picture book, Dreamers, her personal story of emigrating with her infant son from Mexico to the US, and struggling to understand a new language and unfamiliar rules. Life improves when they discover the library: books play a central role in Yuyi’s life and in Dreamers.  After her fascinating show-and-tell, Yuyi got the first and second graders involved in making, writing, and illustrating their own books. They learned that everyone has a story to tell—the students went home with Yuyi’s and their own.